Hi Jon, Jon, and Tom!

My name is Jeeheon Cho and I'd like to join the Crooked Media team and contribute with video content. I believe that activism-oriented media is now imperative to preserving and progressing our liberal democracy.

I am a commercial photographer and videographer based in San Diego, California. I work with businesses, organizations, and agencies to create content for marketing purposes. My current work is apolitical but my passion is politics and it is no longer tenable for me to have that disconnect in my life.

Your mission statement as described in your podcasts and on your website is exactly how I want to engage politics with video content:
I want to create content that informs relatably in a manner that’s not stuffy or cheap. Content that is practical, inspiring, and instructs how the viewer can take action. Content that advocates instead of just opposes. 

Here are some of my ideas and hopefully most align with your vision for Crooked Media:
-Reach more audiences engaged in visual platforms like YouTube while creating another avenue for monetization by releasing video versions of your podcasts.
-Live stream all video podcasts.
-Grow podcast audiences by releasing video podcast highlight clips.
-Create short and informative video content with a call to action.
-Create in-depth video content for issues with high engagement potential.

Since the inauguration, I've been volunteering for organizations such as Planned Parenthood, the International Rescue Committee, Indivisible, and Together We Will. Here are some projects I've completed for a few of them:

Planned Parenthood
Global Gag Rule Informative Video
Objective: Inform about effects of the global gag rule.

Planned Parenthood
Defunding Informational Video
Objective: Inform about effects of defunding with a call to action.

International Rescue Committee
The Vetting Process with the Tlas Family
Objective: Detail the rigorous vetting process that refugees undergo to be resettled into the US.

Planned Parenthood
#GoodbyeStigma campaign
Objective: Fight the abortion stigma by talking about abortion and imply the source of stigma.

Here's work unrelated to social justice to demonstrate aesthetic and tonal versatility: