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Professional real estate, interior, and architecture photographs are the bridge between a potential buyer browsing for homes online and an in-person viewing. Professional images lead to higher volume of interest in the home, raising the sale price. Hire a professional with the right equipment, an understanding of off-camera lighting, and an eye for composition. Contact me at (619) 990-8935 for services in San Diego, the greater San Diego county, and LA.


You will receive magazine quality ready-for-publication images with balanced ambient light and strobe lights.


How should I stage my home?
Your home should have as little clutter as possible. Less is more because you don't want to detract from the space. The lines and lighting is what makes interiors spectacular, and lots of furniture and clutter detract from that. Please prepare your home prior to my arrival. This includes staging, de-cluttering, and ensuring that all dead light bulbs are replaced. It's perfectly fine if you and your family are home during the shoot, although I may ask everyone to move around to different rooms from time to time. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

What's so special about your interior photos?
Stunning interiors are created by manipulating lines and light. The lines will be captured and exaggerated with my wide angle lenses and the lighting will be beautifully enhanced with my off-camera strobes. The outdoor light from windows, indoor lamps and lights, and my strobes will all be balanced. This balance of light sources and the accentuation of the lines in a room is what creates the stunning publication quality interior images that you'll receive from me.

What will I get after the photoshoot?
Turn around time is generally 2-4 days after the shoot. You will receive full-resolution large images and smaller versions as well. The large sizes can be used for archiving and print, and the smaller web-sized versions are optimized for web and sized for easy emailing and uploading to listing websites. 

No watermarks will be added and you will have full rights to all of your images!

With off-camera lighting:

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Pricing Information

I regularly take on projects both large and small so give me a call and we can discuss what services and pricing options make sense for you.

Retouching is included, but does not include major reconstruction. For example, photoshopping in a door or changing the color of a wall would be billed for. My turn around time is typically ~3 days and almost always under a week. If you prefer unedited RAW files, I can give them to you straight-out-of-the-camera right after the shoot.

All usage rights are included with my rate. The images are yours and you will have unrestricted rights to them. There are no additional fees or line items, however out-of-state and out-of-county travel is billed.

Pricing details often leads to more questions than answers due to the wide variety of client needs, so please call me with your project's details and I can give you an estimate. Contact me anytime at (619) 990-8935.


Commercial properties are photographed at the best time of day and photoshopped subtly to beautify any building.

Commercial Properties:

(For commercial use such as property owners, advertising, apartments, restaurants, hotels, etc).

All images will be sent to you with full usage rights and absolutely no watermarks! You will receive a large size version (for archiving and print) and web size version (for easy uploading to web) of every image.

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The Process
I take the exteriors at sunset to get a nice warm sky and an ambient orange glow from the windows. I then light up various parts of the home step by step and composite the image together:

Landscaping, Deck, Patio, Garden

For the homeower, landscaper, builder, or contractor.

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Phone: (619) 990-8935

Jeeheon Cho is a photographer based in San Diego, California. Providing real estate photography to San Diego and the greater San Diego county area.