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I'm represented by True Photography of San Diego, California. All bookings are made through True but be sure to contact me first for your discount code!

What Should We Wear?

There isn't anything you necessarily should wear, but you should avoid clothing with images or lettering on them. Even then, if there's a funny shirt with lettering or images that are sentimental to you two, feel free to bring it along! Couples have worn everything from formal dress wear to shirts and jeans. It's up to you and your personalities. I don't provide any props but feel free to use some if you wish!

We Prefer a Candid Look!

Sure! I can lead you through your locations in a way to get more candid looking shots. A little secret about candid shots are that they are actually more often than not directed in some way. I'll give you directions to walk in some path or do something which will elicit a candid moment. If you prefer mostly candid shots, or a majority of candid shots, let me know and I will make sure that's what I deliver!

How Do We Decide on Locations?

If you have location ideas I can certainly accommodate your requests - or I can suggest locations if you would rather have me decide. If you're at a loss, you can take a look at my portfolio above and see if there are any locations you like. You can also think back to when you and your fiance were still dating and think about the places you had your first date, places you both loved spending time together, or places that are significant to your history. If you think of shoot locations that seem strange or unconventional, please bring them up to me - they usually end up working out and being a lot of fun!

I Don't Know How to Pose!

No worries! Nobody steps into a session knowing exactly where to put their hands, how to position their neck, or how to twist their hips. I'll guide the both of you while making sure you feel at ease. More importantly, neither of you will feel like you're in an awkwardly contrived pose. I'll make subtle adjustments to your natural pose that make a big difference on-camera to have the both of you look like naturals. 


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San Diego wedding and engagement photography.

Jeeheon Cho is a photographer based in San Diego, California. Providing engagement photography to San Diego and the greater San Diego county area.