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The Session

I'll direct you through various expressions and poses and help you get loosened up for a natural expression. The expression coaching will make a significant difference to the impression you convey! During our session, we'll continuously shoot and review the images to make sure you're happy with the direction of the headshot. That way you can leave confident that you'll love your headshot!

If the headshots aren't going in the direction you want it to go during the session review, it is your responsibility to tell me exactly what you want or need different to the best of your ability. I won't be happy until you're completely happy with your headshot, so let me know and we can easily make adjustments! 

A session typically lasts between 20-40 minutes depending on how quickly we find the right shot with a 45 minute maximum before additional time is charged for. 

What to wear? What color background?

I can accommodate any standard for any type of headshot. Standard headshots are typically done with a white, grey, or black backdrop but I can get any other color you wish. We can also find textured walls (wood paneling, brick walls, fences, etc).

It's best to wear clothes without bold patterns and highly contrasting colors that distract from the face. Bold colors are not a problem if they complement your hair color or the background color. You may bring a change of clothes if you can't decide and we can decide during the shoot. Don't hesitate to ask me if you're uncertain or can't decide.

Pose and expression coaching to look your professional best!

Pose and expression coaching to look your professional best!

After the Session

You can expect proofs of your headshots within a few days - usually the day of or the next day!  The proofs of your headshots will be available in a password protected page on this site. From there, choose your favorite image and I will apply some light and natural retouching. You can choose extra shots to be retouched for $37 each.

If you have specific retouching preferences, want moles removed, or desire specific adjustments to facial features, let me know when you choose your favorite image and I will be more than happy to accommodate you! 

Once the retouching is finished, I will send you your headshots! Squared or black and white versions are also complimentary upon request.

Take your headshots outside for a warmer and less formal feel!

I do a standard subtle amount of retouching to images, however you can request as much or as little retouching as you'd like!

No rudimentary blurring is used to soften your images! Faces are retouched using intensive techniques such as high-frequency separation and 50% grey layer dodging and burning.

Please don't hesitate to ask for any type of adjustment.

Realistic retouching & skin toning included

Expression coaching and posing

How can you come off as intelligent and competent? Compassionate and kind? Powerful and confident? There are a lot of subtle techniques I'll teach you and guide you through to convey the exact qualities you need. These techniques make a significant and palpable difference. Clients are always surprised at just how much there is to a headshot and how much they can change the impression they give by applying the techniques I teach them.

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Rates and Details

Your headshot is an investment that will last around 5 to 10 years before you need to get a new one. Invest in quality!

A headshot session is $149 and includes 45 minutes. If you wish to continue past 45 minutes, the rate is $60/hr billed in 20 minute increments and includes an extra free additional shot. Sign up with friends/colleagues and get reduced rates! (Group rates for headshots must be for the same time and location. Hourly rates available for large groups). Free on-location sessions for San Diego and parts of North county.

You will get one retouched image of your choosing. Additional shots chosen for retouching are billed at $37 each. Clients often get an additional shot if they want a variety of looks, outfits, expressions, or formats. Group shots are billed as an "additional shot" for $37. Passport photo requests are billed as an "additional shot" for $37 (but I do not do the printing - you'll only receive the digital file). Black and white versions of your headshot are free upon request! 

For large groups, companies, or organizations -  Please call to inquire about discount rates depending on quantity.

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