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Affordable web design services for San Diego and the greater San Diego county area.

$689 flat rate for website, SEO, and training.

Recent Work (click to view):

[Please keep in mind that clients have made aesthetic changes to their websites after my original design.]
Let me know if you'd like to speak to my happy clients and I'll gladly connect you with them.

I provide one specific web design service. I create websites for clients using the user-friendly Squarespace platform, and then train the clients to be able to update the website themselves. This way, you won't be dependent on your web developer and have to pay them for every minor change you will want to make over time.

Whether or not you think you're up to the task of updating a website by yourself, I've been able to train people of every technical ability.

Web Services Includes:

  • Your business’ Squarespace website

  • 2 hours of training

  • Webmasters submission

  • Google places registration

  • Search engine optimization

  • Adwords consultation

  • Email account linking

  • Squarespace can do e-commerce!

About Jeeheon Cho

Hi! I'm Jeeheon Cho and I'm a photographer based in San Diego, California. I started offering web design services to my commercial photography clients after realizing that many clients didn't have a website up or had a defunct one. They were small business owners who didn't want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a website that wouldn't generate the same return. They also didn't want to have to pay their web developer to make minor changes to their website every time they wanted to update pictures or prices. So I used Squarespace, which is a content management system with beautiful website templates, to create a website for them knowing that I could train them to use it themselves no matter how proficient they were with computers. So if you fit into this category, give me a call and let's talk about how I can help!

The Process:

        Consultation - We'll meet to discuss your needs and register your website!

  • I’ll create the website based on what you tell me during consultation. This will take me as long as it takes for you to send me the content for your website. It's best to bring all your copy and images to our meeting on a USB.

  • I'll help you register your domain during the consultation.

  • I'll help you register a Google email address if you doesn't already have one and then link all of your email addresses.

        After Consultation

  • I'll build your brand new website!

  • You will then be notified when website is finished. You should make note of everything you like, dislike, and would like to see modified prior to the training period.

        Training - We'll meet again for one-on-one training!

  • You'll make the changes under my direction.

  • You'll be briefed on webmasters and Google places submission.

  • You'll be consulted on Adwords setup.

  • You'll be consulted on SEO

Price - $689 for website excluding hosting fees (hosting from Squarespace costs $16/mo or $144/year).


Call me anytime at (619) 990-8935 or email me at cho@jeeheon.com
I'd also be happy to provide the phone numbers of the owners of the websites above if you'd like references!