Pentax 6x7

Ever since I started doing photography professionally, I haven't done any personal work expect for a few shots during some trips here and there. Neither have I picked up my film cameras! I tried to make myself go out with my digital camera and take some shots for myself but it just didn't do it - but I knew why.

I needed to shoot film! 

I'm not saying film is better or worse or this or that - but it's a radically different experience. And when shooting for myself, it's the only thing that does it. 

When I first started shooting film, I had a crappy compact digital so my film camera blew my digital camera out of the water in terms of quality. Now that I have full frame digital cameras, my film cameras won't necessarily offer me better quality - just a different look (albeit with a much more satisfying user experience). So I decided to one-up my full frame digital cameras and buy myself a medium format camera! 

This is the Pentax 6x7. It's a monster.