Yoga Instructor | Brittney Yeary

Here are some photos taken at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park in San Diego for yoga instructor, Brittney Yeary!

Gold Star Mortgage Financial's Dan Milstein

Here are a few portraits of Gold Star Mortgage Financial's CEO, Dan Milstein:

Cellist Portraits | Kim

Here are a few portraits of Cellist, Kim Burger!

The Farmers and Volunteers of White Lotus Farms

Here are some of the hardworking farmers and volunteers of White Lotus Farms at work! White Lotus Farms is located within the Tsogyelgar Dharma Center.

Domino's Executive Portraits

Here are a few portraits of Sherri Enright, the Executive Vice President of PeopleFirst at Domino's Pizza. This portrait session was for a feature on Sherri in Forefront Magazine.

DJ Mixwell Portrait Session

I photographed DJ Mixwell of Mixwell DJ Academy. His DJ school is opening up here in Ann Arbor within a month and he needed some portraits for his marketing. Enjoy the shots!